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We would love to work with your youth group! Whether you want us to do one session or multiple, we are happy to have one of our qualified educators empower and educate your youth through Black History. Please use this link below to complete the registration interest form and a member of our team will contact you soon!

Why teaching Black history is important 

  • Racism still exists - Students are experiencing racism, whether personally or seeing racism played out on the internet. It is so important for students to have the historical racial context of racism in our past. 

  • Teaching Black history to students helps teach Black history to the community - “When the children learn these lessons, they go home and share what they learn with their parents. This benefits society as a whole because it means that the issue of race will be talked about in more homes across the country. Conversations about race are important because things cannot change and get better without conversations.”

  • There is more to African Americans than the negative stories and stereotypes seen on television, movies and the news - “If all that children are ever taught about African Americans is what they see on television, in movies and on the news, they will have a skewed and negative view of African Americans, which will impact how they treat African Americans and how they view the treatment of African Americans.”

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