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Who controls the past, controls the future!

The Black History Project is a 501c3 non-profit. Each facilitator who teaches the curriculum and leads the discussion are trained educators with the credentials and experience that qualifies them to teach the lessons. All staff and volunteers must pass a background check to participate. 


EDUCATION - The Black History Project Education Program

Our goal is to educate, empower and ignite social action in the lives of Black youth and train the next generation of Black movement leaders! We do this through interactive lesson plans, activities/field trips, and non-traditional educational lectures. Each session is facilitated by a certified educator who has been trained on the Black History Project curriculum. 

  1. History Sessions (To be taught in 8 sessions, consecutively)

    1. American Slavery Part 1 and 2 

    2. Civil War and Post Reconstruction 

    3. Jim Crow Era

    4. Civil Rights Movement 

    5. Black Panther Movement 

    6. War on Drugs 

    7. Black History in the Making/ Black Lives Matter Movement 

  2. Black Experience Sessions (Can be booked as one individual session)

    1. Political Power

    2. Importance of HBCUs and Black Greek Letter Organizations 

    3. What is Blackness?

      1. Skin complex

    4. Celebrating Black Arts: Black Arts Movement 

    5. Black Wealth 

    6. History of the Black Church 

    7. Black and mental health 


  1. Pillar 1 - Voter Registration - Our organization will register students to vote at youth events and school activities. We will go to schools and youth groups to talk about the importance of being civically engaged at a young age and register students to vote. This work is all non-partisan 

  2. Pillar 2 - Advocacy 

    1. Black Youth Advocacy Academy 

      1. Students will learn about the importance of advocating for issues that matter to them, their families and communities. Students will learn about how legislation is moved locally, statewide and nationally. They will visit our local government offices, state capital and our nation’s capital to see firsthand how bills are passed, the process and how they can let their voice be heard on important legislation. The goal is to train new age activists and work with HBCU political science departments, and state and federal offices to pair with internships in political offices. 

  3. Pillar 3 - The Black Future’s Project (C4) Advocacy and Legislation recommendations - Coming soon! 

    1. Highschool and college aged students will be recruited and trained on important legislation and have the opportunity to speak out and oppose or support local, state and federal legislation that matters to our community. Students will also release their legislator’s grades and candidate endorsements that align with their values! 


  1. Exposure Trip - In partnership with The Experience Christian Center 

    1. Learn more here. ​

  2. HBCU Tour - coming soon

  3. Book Club - coming soon 

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