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Since our inception in 2015, our approach is simple yet effective: by teaching Black history and empowering students through education, we inspire them to live out the legacy of Black leaders who came before them. Our certified educators are trained to deliver interactive lesson plans, activities, and non-traditional educational lectures that equip our youth with the knowledge and tools to become the next generation of Black movement leaders.


Please note, we can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your youth group. You can book us for an entire series or a few or one. 

Overview of History Lessons 

Timeline of Our Historical Events 

These 8 sessions will cover the timeline from civilization in Africa to Civil Rights to the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

  • Lesson 1 and 2 - Intro into American Slavery Part 1 and 2 

    • Lesson overview: Parts 1 and 2 will examine the economic motives that fueled American slavery, contrasting it with the ancient notions of servitude. We will uncover the roots of slavery, understanding how it came to be and the profound consequences it had on the African American community, stretching across centuries. 

  • Lesson 3 - Civil War and Reconstruction 

    • Lesson overview: In this session, we will unravel the cause behind the American Civil War, and its aftermath, known as the Reconstruction era. 

  • Lesson 4 - Jim Crow Era 

    • Lesson overview: Students will venture into the haunting era of Jim Crow, where the shackles of slavery were replaced by a different, yet equally dangerous, reality for Black Americans. 

  • Lesson 5 - Civil Rights Movement 

    • Lesson overview: During this session, we explore the inspiring stories of courage, resilience, and unwavering determination that emerged from this pivotal chapter in history and honor the key players who fearlessly fought against the chains of injustice, prejudice, and inequality. 

  • Lesson 6 - Black Panther Party Movement 

    • Lesson overview: As we explore this dynamic era, it is vital for us to comprehend the diverse approaches to Black power. Through their bold actions, they ignited a powerful campaign of Black self-love, nurturing a sense of pride within our communities that continues to thrive. 

  • Lesson 7 - New Jim Crow 

    • Lesson overview: During this session, we will review what the word “The New Jim Crow” represents and delve into an examination of the war on drugs and its profound impact on Black communities throughout our nation. We will shed light on the reasons behind this campaign and its far-reaching consequences, including the enduring effects of arrests and police brutality. 

  • Lesson 8 - Black Lives Matter Movement and Beyond

    • Lesson overview: As we come to the final stretch of our lessons, this session will reflect on the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, the victims of police brutality, and the current state of Black America. 

Black Experience Sessions 

The topics below cover individual sessions that tackle important aspects of Black history, Black culture, and Black Lives. 

Session: Are you Malcolm or Martin?

Lesson Overview: Students will have the opportunity to explore the key players, organizations, and strategies surrounding the Civil Rights Movement, including details of the Black Panther Party, and their contribution to our community. We will discuss the different methods of fighting for justice in our communities - non-violent approach vs militant approach and why both are necessary. 

Session: Historical Black Colleges and Universities and Black Greek Organizations 

Lesson overview: Students will learn from graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and members of Black Greek Letter Organizations about its history and the contribution these institutions have made to our history. There will be an open discussion and Q&A at the end regarding their experiences. 

Session: Black Joy 

Lesson overview: This session will explore the influence media and stereotypes have impacted how men and women view themselves, each other, and the community and how we overcome to find Black joy in our lives. 

Session: Impact of the Black church

Lesson overview: During this session, we will take a deep dive into the history of the Black church, dating back to the founding of the AME church, and its importance to various movements throughout history. 

Session: Self Love 

Lesson overview: During this session, we will explore the detrimental effects of the color complex and the many roads to discovering self-love, including the Black self-love campaign from the Black Power movement. We will also discuss the importance of healthy relationships between Black men and women. 

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