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About Anastasia Jackson


Anastasia, originally from Long Island, New York, has always been deeply involved in community service through various organizations. Her career journey began in 2008 at a Fortune 100 Company in Orlando, Florida, where she served as a Telecommunications Analyst for an impressive 13-year tenure. Despite her corporate responsibilities, Anastasia's commitment to community service remained steadfast as she continued to actively collaborate with her church and other non-profit organizations, staying true to her passion for giving back.


An influential business leader, Anastasia has garnered extensive experience in customer service, bookkeeping, project/risk management, and IT. Her dedication extends beyond professional realms as she is fervently passionate about contributing to community education.


Presently, Anastasia serves as the Owner of Beyond the Office, where she excels in providing comprehensive virtual support, enhancing day-to-day operations for various entities.  Her dedication to streamlining operations and ensuring organizational efficiency marks her as a committed professional with a wealth of experience. Anastasia's unwavering commitment to continuous learning is evident in her expertise in operational management, customer service, and fostering organizational excellence.

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