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About Monique Parker


Monique is a passionate educator, coach, and mentor with a strong desire to encourage young people to be the best version of themselves while achieving their God-given purpose. She is from Orlando, FL. She has a Human Resource Management and Psychology degree from Florida State University and a Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University. Monique started her career in corporate America and then transferred her skills and passion to educating and empowering youth in the classroom and through counseling in the Orange County Public School System since 2007.  She has been teaching at Orange County Virtual School since 2010. She teaches several courses in Social Studies including her favorite, African-American History. One of her favorite quotes is "Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education" from Dr.Martin Luther King Jr . From this quote she believes one aspect of character is to learn, acknowledge, and honor our history and those who had a part in it so that it may empower people to do their best in life.  


Monique is a wife to her college sweetheart and mom to her four beautiful children. When she's not working with her students she is hanging with her family, at the beach, watching a good movie, reading a book, working in ministry at her church or her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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