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Gaslande Fleurimont is the Manager of College Admissions for Elevation Scholars, a Central Florida CBO dedicated to preparing high achieving students from high need families for acceptance into the nation's most competitive colleges and universities. Gaslande is a proud first-generation Haitian American, with strong ties to her culture. Originally from West Palm Beach, FL, her passion for education and social advocacy was fostered while attending the University of Central of Florida, where she held various leadership positions in service and cultural organizations on campus. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Gaslande went on to earn a Master of Public Administration and a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management. Gaslande loves the nonprofit sector and recently cemented her years in the industry by earning a Certified Nonprofit Professional designation. Her passion for serving others stems from her faith and Gaslande is an active member at The Outpouring of Orlando.  In her free time, Gaslande enjoys yoga, reading and podcasting. 

About Gaslande Fleurimont

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