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Rashad Gunthrop, originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Anthropology from Florida A&M University. With a seven-year tenure in the education field, Rashad currently serves as a Social Studies teacher, instructing various subjects including Law Studies, US History, Economics, and Government.

His dedication lies in working with young individuals, fostering their academic, social, and emotional development. Rashad views this as a daily challenge he willingly embraces, aspiring to create an environment conducive to growth and motivation within the community.

Outside of his professional sphere, Rashad is a passionate advocate for fitness, particularly as a dedicated runner. He also finds enjoyment in sports, notably track and field, and indulges in leisure activities like reading, drawing, and music. Relaxing moments by the beach are cherished, especially when spent in the company of his family.

About Rashad Gunthrop

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