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About Winifred E. B. Henry


Winifred E. B. Henry is a devoted mother to three adults and proud grandmother to six grandchildren. With a remarkable career spanning 37 years, she dedicated her life to education, serving as a teacher in both school and college settings. Beyond the classroom, Winifred is deeply engaged in various community affiliations. She is the President, CEO, and Founder of Winnie’s Project H.O.P.E., Inc. (Helping Other Parents Endure), a 501 C3 organization. Additionally, she serves as the NAACP Youth and College Advisor, and is a valued member of the Steering Committee of 904WARD, where she volunteers her time.

Her passion for education is evident in her role as an educator at Freedom Crossing Academy in St. Johns County. Winifred's journey into teaching began with a desire to impart knowledge she was once denied. A pivotal moment occurred at the age of 9 when her mother gave her a calendar featuring people who looked like her, sparking a newfound interest in reading and history.

Winifred's notable accomplishments include receiving National Endowment for Humanities grants from 2005-2011, allowing her to explore historical sites associated with African American figures. She has facilitated Winnie’s Project H.O.P.E., providing underprivileged students with an Underground Railroad experience, tracing the steps of Harriet Tubman and the Women’s Rights Movement.

In her commitment to preserving history, Winifred has led programs at EWC during Teacher Education Week, celebrating "Living Legends" and honoring individuals like the last Survivor of Rosewood, Mrs. Mary Hall Daniels. Her involvement with the NAACP has taken her on trips to significant historical sites, including the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana, Rosewood, Kingsley Plantation, Sapelo Island, Ft. Mose, and more.

Beyond her educational contributions, Winifred is a published author, known for her poetry book "Words of Encouragement" and co-authorship of "From Hard to Heart," a biography of Dr. Carrie Buie Bryant. Notably, she participated in the PBS documentary "Secrets of Spanish Florida," contributing to the portrayal of African life over 400 years ago. Winifred's multifaceted contributions reflect a life dedicated to education, community service, and the preservation of history.

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