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Tamika Miller-Wiggins, a 48-year-old African American, hails from the vibrant city of Miami Dade County and specifically from the Great City of Opa-Locka. Her grassroots connection to community development and empowerment was deeply influenced by her grandmother, the late Honorable Helen L Miller, who served as the first African American female Mayor of Opa-Locka. Tamika's family legacy continued with her uncle, Alvin L. Miller, becoming the Mayor of Opa-Locka, and her mother, Gail E. Miller, serving as a City Commissioner. Tamika is a dedicated community activist, mentor, wife, mother, and daughter, embodying the family's commitment to community standards and empowerment.

Educationally, Tamika holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Florida Memorial University and a master’s degree in human resources with a certification in Public Administration from St. Thomas University. Professionally certified by the Florida Department of Education in Exceptional Student Education, Social Science 5-9, Social Science 6-12, and Civics 5-9, Tamika possesses extensive knowledge of the cultural history and economic components of various major cities within Miami Dade County.

Tamika commenced her professional journey in law enforcement at the age of 18, serving at the City of Opa-Locka Police Department from 1995 until her retirement in 2014. Following her retirement, she transitioned to teaching History and ESE at Broward Schools, where she continues to contribute to education and community development.

In her social life, Tamika actively engages in volunteer services, holding positions such as President of the Miramar Booster Club, Recording Secretary of the Ferris State University Booster Club, Mentor for the Women of Tomorrow, Team Mom for the Walter C Young cheer squad, and Team Mom for the Diva Arts Dance Academy. Tamika takes pride in her membership in Delta Sigma Theta Incorporation and the National Order of Eastern Stars, reflecting her commitment to social and community involvement.

About Tamika Miller-Wiggins

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